• AudioQuest - Red River (RCA  1.0m) - B00H8YZJIE

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  • SOLID PERFECT-SURFACE COPPER (PSC) CONDUCTORS: Proprietary metal-processing technology protects the wire’s surface at every stage of drawing and fabrication. When high-purity low-oxide copper is kept as soft, pure and smooth as possible, it becomes a wonderfully low-distortion conductor. lElectrical and magnetic interaction between strands in a conventional cable is the greatest source of distortion, causing harsh sound. Solid conductors are fundamental toward achieving Red River’s very clean sound. NITROGEN-INJECTED HARD-CELL FOAM INSULATION: Nitrogen-Injected Hard-Cell Foam insulation is similar to Foamed-PE, but it is nitrogen-injected to create air pockets. ‘Hard’ foam is used because the stiffness of the material allows the conductors in the cable to maintain the same relationship with each other along the full length of the cable, thus ensuring that the characteristic impedance of the cable is consistent. METAL-LAYER NOISE-DISSIPATION SYSTEM (NDS): Preventing captured RF Interference from modulating the equipment’s ground reference requires AQ’s NDS. Noise-Dissipation System prevents a significant amount of RFI from reaching the equipment’s ground plane. TRIPLE-BALANCED GEOMETRY: The three conductors in “Triple-Balanced” cables ensure that the positive and negative signals have equally low-distortion conducting paths. The 100% coverage shield is never used as an inferior conductor. COLD-WELDED GOLD-PLATED PLUGS: This plug design allows for a connection devoid of solder, which is a common source of distortion. Because the ground shells are stamped instead of machined, the metal can be chosen for low distortion instead of machinability.

    AudioQuest - Red River (RCA 1.0m) - B00H8YZJIE

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    AudioQuest - Red River (RCA 1.0m) - B00H8YZJIE

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