• ★ STURDY AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN ★ - The selfie stick uses the finest quality stainless steel that provides it sturdiness as well as keeping it light-weight and helps keep your mobile safe and secure. The stick handle offers you a firm grip to prevent it from slipping from your hand and ensures that it is comfortable to hold it even for long durations.

  • ★ 100% RISK FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ★ - We offer you 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee to let you buy with confidence and we are quite sure that you would be amazed by the ease with which you can click pictures using this stick. So, order now, and get this indispensable travel companion to capture your precious moments.

  • ★ HASSLE FREE UNLIMITED SELFIES ★ - Unlike other Selfie Sticks that need charging every now and then and also bluetooth pairing with the mobile phones before you can click Selfies, Voxkin® incredible wired selfie stick allows you to click as many selfies as you like without the need to ever charge the stick. Just plug the wire of Selfie Stick in the audio jack of your cell phone and you are good to go. The best part is, it's compatible with all Smartphone available in the market like: ...

  • ★ POCKET SIZED SMART DESIGN ★ - The selfie stick has a compact pen ( mini ) sized design (7.5 inches) that can slip easily into your pocket and is extendable upto about 2.7 feet to allow for amazing selfies, which capture not only your face but a lot more with the beautiful backdrop as well. The smart holder is integrated with the stick, which rotates up to 270° and allows you take great picture in different angles. It's also foldable to hug the selfie stick, thus ensuring a compact ...

  • ★ CAPTURE EVERY MOMENT ★ - Whether you are traveling solo or as a couple, for sure, you don't like searching for people or asking them to click pictures for you. With this handheld selfy pole, you have the power to click your own pictures, anytime, anywhere, and from angles which were not possible otherwise with the hand alone. Be it a romantic moment or an adventure shot, you can get it all! Shooting a picture with the click of a button (on selfie stick) has never been this easy. ...

  • Do you often miss some amazing shots with yourself in the picture just because
    you cannot find anyone to click for you? Or

    Do you not like asking others to capture your personal moments?

    Don't worry! We have got the perfect solution to all your problems - the
    incredible pocket-sized selfie stick.

    Unlike other Selfie Sticks available in the market, Voxkin® Selfie Stick offers
    numerous benefits due to its evolved design. Some of these are:

    ? Pocket Sized Portable Design - Never feel awkward while carrying a
    long stick in hand all the time (Folds to 7.5 inches and Extends to about 2.7

    ? Hassle-Free Design - No need to pair with bluetooth or charge it
    every now and then

    ? Plug and Play - Simply put the cable in audio jack of phone and
    get ready to click selfies

    ? Stylish & Sturdy Design - Looks stylish & supports heaviest of
    phones easily

    ? Firm Grip - Never lets it slip from your hand

    With this Selfie Stick in your pocket you can do some amazing things:

    ? Click your personal or precious moments yourself while still being
    in the picture
    ? Click from odd angles to give a unique and dramatic effect to your
    ? Capture more than your face (the beautiful backdrop) in your selfies
    because of the extended arm
    ? Extend above the crowd to capture things on the other side of the
    ? Take more stable & smooth videos


    Not only this, we offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy
    with confidence.

    So, why think twice?

    ORDER NOW to get this Smartly Designed Voxkin® Wired Selfie Stick Delivered to
    you in Just 2-4 Days. We cannot guarantee this special pricing in future, so be
    sure to Order Now!

    Voxkin ® Ultra Portable Wired Selfie Stick ? No Bluetooth Pairing - No Battery Charging ? Premium & Sturdy Design ? Best Pocket Sized Cable Monopod - Compatible with iPhone Android & All SmartPhones - B018S1CIAM

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    Voxkin ® Ultra Portable Wired Selfie Stick ? No Bluetooth Pairing - No Battery Charging ? Premium & Sturdy Design ? Best Pocket Sized Cable Monopod - Compatible with iPhone Android & All SmartPhones - B018S1CIAM

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