• Type:Audio extension cable

  • Wire length: 120CM;Plug:4.4mm;Pin:0.78mm

  • No noise and current sound:Selected multiple times of painting, baked OFC is the transmission conductor so that the sound output is no noise, no current sound

  • Pure copper core, pure sound quality:Upgrade anti-oxidation copper core, high-speed transmission of high-fidelity, undistorted sound plus shielding layer, enhance anti-interference ability, lossless sound quality

  • Experience the sound quality:Good overall performance, high fidelity music, let you hear more details of good sound

  • 4.4mm Replacement Cable Auido Upgrade Cord For Westone W4R UM3X ES3 Headphone
    Wire length: 120CM
    1: The wire is woven with 8 strands of multi-core single crystal copper wire to ensure wire transmission and durability.
    2: Each piece of Kevlar ballistic wire with 200D added in the core wire, the tensile strength is more than 50 kg, the core material is TPEE, the outer material is transparent frosted imported PVC, and the winter is not hard and brittle, more than ordinary ordinary wire. Service life.
    3: The plug parts of the wire are all made by injection molding, which is different from other plastic shell glue. The plastic shell glue assembly has insufficient tensile strength, and the solder joint is easy to be desoldered. The shell hardware is made of space aluminum precision car, oxidized and frosted, and it is not easy to scratch.
    4: The gold plating of the plug reaches the 3U gold plating layer. The plug on the market is generally only 1U. When the plug is inserted several times, the gold plating layer will fall off, which causes distortion, partial sound and other problems. This is not the case with our wire.

    MiCity 4.4mm Replacement Cable Auido Upgrade Cord for Westone W4R UM3X ES3 Headphones - B07FF41SX8

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    MiCity 4.4mm Replacement Cable Auido Upgrade Cord for Westone W4R UM3X ES3 Headphones - B07FF41SX8

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