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    The design shows a pair of high quality headphones including all Ultrasone technologies. Not only the patented S-Logic™Plus Natural Surround Sound Technology is standard, also the Ultra Low Emission (ULE-technology) belongs to this model. Safer hearing aspects have become very important for DJs. With its heavy duty Mylar driver the DJ1 provides powerful sound. The DJ1 is made for compact storage (transportation bag included) and one-ear-listening due to the folding-mechanism . Ultrasone´s technologies are unique. Ultrasone invented the inimitableS-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound and Ultra Low Emission technologies. Ultrasone integrates safer hearing aspects without neglecting latest technologies. The consideration of all these aspects is fundamental for modern headphones.

    From the Manufacturer

    From the Manufacturer For the DJ who wants to be noticed Ultrasone has developed the DJ1 headphone. This closed-back headphone offers extreme isolation from the outside world along with tight, powerful bass and detailed instrument placement. The efficient 50mm Mylar driver provides impressive volume in the loudest of environments. And with S-logic™ technology, you can wear them through long gigs without fatigue and hearing damage. The DJ1 also folds up for compact storage.

    The 50mm mylar driver gives accurate sound reproduction

    For the Serious DJ

    The DJ1 from Ultrasone we designed to meet the specific needs of the traveling DJ. The DJ1 features our nearly indestructible 50mm Mylar driver that delivers lots of bass right were you need it. With specialized tuning that provides tight, clear bass response these headphones will cut through even the loudest crowd and allow you to hear your mix perfectly. And with our patented S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound, you’ll be able to hear you mix better at lower levels and protect your hearing at the same time. So if you’re tired of turning up the volume to hear over the crowd then these are the headphones for you.

    S-Logic Natural Surround Sound

    Ultrasone’s patented S-Logic natural surround sound system is a revolutionary advance in how we listen to headphones. S-Logic creates a natural three-dimensional sound field that gives the listener more depth to their music. S-Logic gives the listener a more lifelike listening experience and protects their hearing at the same time.

    Click on the demonstration above to learn more about S-Logic Technology
    How Does S-Logic Work?

    The outer ear, or pinnea, allows us to perceive distance and direction when we hear sounds in the real world. As sounds come into the ear, they bounce off the folds and peaks of our outer ear creating cues that help our brains figure out where the sound came from and how far away it is. Ultrasone headphones with patented S-Logic are the first headphones to utilize your entire ear, including the pinnea, in the listening experience. Through the use of decentralized driver positioning, S-Logic headphones aim the sound at the pinnea instead of directly down the ear canal. The sound does not go directly down you ear canal as with conventional headphones, but instead filters off the outer ear as you listen. By doing this, your perception of distance, depth and instrument placement are greatly enhanced. You can hear the mix exactly as the engineer heard it in the studio. Your ears are very sensitive, so you should take extra care of them especially when listening to headphones. An added benefit of S-Logic technology is an up to 40% (3-4dB) drop in SPL (sound pressure levels) for the same perceived volume. This means the Ultrasones put less pressure on your eardrum than any other headphones. Because of this, the risk of hearing damaged is greatly reduced and you can listen for longer without fatigue.

    ULE Technology

    ULE technology was systematically developed by Ultrasone for users who spend many hours in the headphones. All headphone drivers produce low-frequency magnetic fields. In response, ULTRASONE developed a special MU metal shielding (ULE technology) to reduce the radiation by up to 98% compared to ordinary headphones.

    Ultrasone DJ1 S-Logic Plus Surround Sound Professional Closed-Back DJ Headphones with Transport Bag Black/White - B000GU77SC

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    Ultrasone DJ1 S-Logic Plus Surround Sound Professional Closed-Back DJ Headphones with Transport Bag Black/White - B000GU77SC

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